The Tobacco Process

Your cigars start off as tobacco grown on our plantations in the Tubao Valley, La Union, Northern Luzon.


The leaves are then fermented and aged for 2 years.


Then they are shipped to the factory in San Pedro, Laguna, just south of Manila.


At the factory, the bales are taken apart and the leaves undergo quality control procedures.


Where they are placed into varying classifications of wrapper, binder and filler. These classifications determine which blend would most suit the leaf.


Filler tobacco is wrapped in binder leaf to form the basic cigar. This is then placed in a mold to give them their proper shape.


The molds are placed in a press overnight.


The tobacco is then hand-rolled into the cigar.


The cigars are placed in an aging room to preserve and enhance their flavors.


Your cigars are then branded with personalized ring labels.


And the resulting finished cigars are packaged and sent off to you.