Frequently Asked Questions

 1. How is tobacco grown and harvested?

Every tobacco is grown from the plantations in the Tubao Valle, La Union, Northern Luzon. Each tobacco is fermented and aged for two years. Every tobacco goes through the process of classifying, molding, hand-rolled, preserving and packaging.

2. Why it is strongly recommended to buy your cigar at Manila Cigars?

All cigars sold by Manila Cigars are of high quality. Only the high end and best tasting cigars are hand-picked by Manila Cigars to offer to its customers that is why you can trust to have the premium cigars from Manila Cigars.

3. How do I store my cigar?

Your cigars must be stored in a cool dry place. A perfect storage is your humidor. Every cigar is affected by the temperature of its storage. The humidity is an important factor because it affects the burning and taste of your cigar.

4. How do I cut my cigar?

You can use these following tools in cutting your cigar: Guillotine cigar cutter, cigar puncher, V-cutter and your own teeth. Remember not to cut your cigar unless you are ready to smoke. Hold your cigar with one hand and hold your cutter with your other hand.

5. In the cutting of my cigar, how much of the head do I cut?

Cut your cigar just near the edge of your cigar to remove the cigar cap. Cigar cap is used to maintain the moisture of your cigar.

6. How do I evaluate a perfect cigar?

There is no better way to evaluate a perfect cigar than to smoke it.

7. Do I remove the cigar band or not?

To give you an idea what the cigar band was for, here is a short history of it. When Columbus brought from the new world tobacco, it became fashionable in Europe. Women that time wear gloves and to keep their gloves clean, a cigar band was put. So for recommendations, if you are not wearing any gloves and you are comfortable with the cigar band on, removing of the cigar band is not compulsory in smoking a cigar.

8. How do I light a cigar?

It is recommended that you gently heat up the end portion of your cigar by rotating the cigar over a wood splinter or a match until your cigar is fully lit.

9. How do I pick the proper ash tray for my cigar?

The proper ash tray should be well proportioned to your cigar. It should have a landing space to loosely fit your cigar to prevent it from rolling to the side. It should also be big enough to accommodate ashes from two full cigars to prevent you from emptying again and again your ash tray. This is also recommended if you smoke your cigars with friends.

10. What are the different parts of a cigar?

Wrappers – this is the outside layer of tobacco on a cigar. The wrappers are usually made from only high quality leaves because it gives your cigar the primary flavor components.
Binders – these are the leaves before the wrappers. These leaves hold the filler tobacco together.
Filler- these are the leaves found mainly inside your cigar. We have two types of fillers, long filler and short filler. Long fillers contain the whole leaf while short filler consists of tobacco scraps.